Introducing, Koviem: Custom Suiting Reimagined

Introducing, Koviem: Custom Suiting Reimagined

The mission of Good Millennial is simple: redefining the word “millennial”.

This has always been our True North and we have a very specific way of going about things. Instead of attempting to convince skeptics that we will make it, we’re featuring those who already have made it — and showing our followers how to achieve their own definition of success step-by-step.


Today, I am unbelievably excited to share the success of a Texas Ex and close friend, Kevwe Mowarin, who has taken it upon herself to reimagine the suiting experience for the modern day woman — and the result is nothing short of incredible.

Pivoting from Credit Suisse to Eleven James and now founding a disruptive fashion label in The Big Apple — Kevwe is living proof that success comes to those who follow their dreams with sincerity, never compromise their ethical standards, and establish partnerships with rising millennial leaders.

Photographer // Daniel Sonnentag

Models // Lili Jasmijn, Marla Weaver, Toni Griffiths

Introducing, Koviem: Custom Suiting Reimagined

“Koviem was born out of a simple idea: custom suiting needs a feminine experience. Once reserved for wealthy businessmen, the power suit is now the uniform for the female of the future. Our philosophy is simple…create beautiful pieces for the modern woman!

Founded in 2016, Koviem has come a long way from its early stages when we were simply trying to fill a void based on personal needs. We noticed a gap in the market. Although the number of empowered women was increasing, access to the custom suiting market was relatively closed off. We decided to fix that.

At Koviem, we believe that every woman should be able to experience the unique feeling of wearing a suit specifically made for them. We believe that women’s suiting should not be an afterthought. That is why we searched long and hard to find a tailor that is specifically trained in designing for women’s figures. We are dedicated to curating the best pieces, with a focus on three characteristics: fit, personalization, and empowerment.

Never in history have women been so in control of their destiny. Our team at Koviem is proud to be a part of that story and we enjoy the challenge of creating pieces fit for this revolutionary woman.

We want people to see the suit, but focus on the woman.”

— Kevwe Mowarin, Koviem Founder & Senior Creative Director

Koviem has developed a disruptive and scalable business model, empowering women to shift the paradigm of a previously masculine-driven experience from the comfort of their own homes. The brand also leverages limited edition fabrics to ensure that your prized possession cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The transcendent mission of this fashion label immediately reminded me of the words of a long-time role model:

"You talk to women who have power... they’re not just models, they're defending my clothes and my ideas. That’s why we started the Balmain Army. All my girls love it because they fight every day to be who they are and to be respected for what they do. In fashion, sometimes we need to go into fights and revolutions to make change.”

— Olivier Rousteing, Balmain Creative Director

Revealing their January 22nd launch plans during the week of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Koviem team seems to not only honor, but amplify his legacy by bringing-to-life the dreams of every modern day woman. I encourage my followers to become a member of The Koviem Collective, read the powerful stories of Nicole Franco and Lisa Aidoo, and stay tuned for the official launch later this month.

Koviem might just give Balmain a run for their money.

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