Bad Millennials is Fake News

Bad Millennials is Fake News


The primary goal of Good Millennial is to redefine the word “millennial” — by empowering millennials to speak for themselves.



The media has taken it upon themselves to falsely define our generation through unsubstantiated stereotypes. Although comical at times, these damaging generalizations have surfaced repeatedly throughout my personal and professional career and presented significant barriers to entry which I hope to circumvent in the near future.

In the eyes of many, we have poor work ethic, we’re disloyal to employers, addicted to our phones, unable to communicate face-to-face, incapable of handling money, take too many selfies — and my personal favorite, we’re overwhelmingly entitled. These widely accepted misconceptions have left me repeatedly silenced by my employers before I ever had a chance to speak.

Although fueled by genuinely good intentions, the cookie-cutter “in defense of millennials” narrative has become obligatory white noise — often promoting pro-millennial management concepts which they’re either incapable or unwilling to implement in real life.

To be fair, training and incentivizing a millennial workforce over the long-term is much easier said than done and millions are racing to crack the code in hopes of achieving a symbiotic relationship across generations.



Rather than carrying a chip on my shoulder, politely waiting for the world to change — I’ve decided that it’s time to transcend this unproductive narrative.

Instead of attempting to convince skeptics that we will make it, we’re featuring those who already have made it — and showing others how to achieve their own definition of success step-by-step. Our team is actively crowdsourcing a muse for our generation — “The Good Millennial” — which boldly projects the resilient, transparent, scrappy, industrious, futuristic, and unapologetically individualistic persona which we all aspire to achieve.

This youthful state of mind cannot be summarized by a fleeting news headline and is not bound by a range of birth years. In our eyes, even Steve Jobs was a Good Millennial.



With experiences spanning across 16 diverse contracts, I've had a number of encounters with employers that I can only describe as shocking — even unethical and illegal. Ironically, I'm incredibly grateful for these obstacles because they've forced me to entertain a moment of pure vulnerability.

On numerous occasions, I’ve had to look myself in the mirror and convince myself that I am worth so much more than anyone realizes. Through trial-and-error and the guidance of close friends, I've finally come to realize the qualitative and quantitative value of my time. I’ve learned the nuanced questions to ask in search of red flags — and I’ve experienced that pivotal moment when it’s time to waive the white flag.

Why do I feel compelled to share these hardships?

To put it simply, I know I’m not the only one.

Hearing countless stories from friends mirroring and even exceeding my own difficulties, I’ve come to strongly admire the resilience of our generation. I can’t imagine what we will accomplish once we're empowered to pivot from garnering daily sustenance to accelerating exponential growth for ourselves and our constituents.

With this goal in-mind, I’ve now taken it upon myself to predict a brighter future — by creating it with my own two hands.



I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of dictionaries and definitions — the fact that those who came before us created thousands of concrete definitions, blindly accepted by the masses upon birth.

It won’t surprise you to hear that our contributors have a divergent point of view. We readily reject definitions that we disagree with because we see those who created language as our equals — not our superiors.

Our newsletter subscription, Good News, is a play on the idea that most breaking news headlines make it seem like the world is continuously ending. Alternatively, our uplifting content challenges readers to see the beauty in the world around them.

We are determined to illuminate the good in humanity — and most importantly, the good in the millennial generation.



Over time, I’ve noticed the same word repeatedly popping-up across brainstorming boards while developing Good Millennial — the word "attainable". Our contributors are actively creating content to prove that the life we all aspire to live — as an entrepreneur, social media influencer, motivational speaker, etc. — is absolutely attainable.

Consider our editorial your personal invitation to speak your own future into existence. If you want a killer personal brand and a loyal social following, pick up a pen and start writing. Pick up a camera, a paintbrush, a megaphone — whatever your medium may be — to rewrite the definition of our powerhouse generation.

Join us in predicting a brighter and more inclusive future — by creating it with your own two hands.


— Brandon Scott Roye

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